If you are looking for a diamond in the rough on a foggy in day in Southern Mid Michigan, the Wooden Spoon just may be it.  Located outside of Jackson somewhere in the middle of nowhere, the little red restaurant reminds me of our family cottage on Nevins Lake from the outside.  We may have driven right by it if Tina, the lovely lady that lives inside my navigation app, hadn’t alerted us to the location.

Don’t let the off-the-beaten-path location discourage you from making the trip, this family style diner is worth the drive just for a bite of the five blends of cheese in their omelets and the giant sweet cinnamon rolls.

We’ve Been Spooned

The walls inside The Wooden Spoon are lined with Michigan memorabilia and license plates from the whole of North America. We sat ourselves and a waitress greeted us quickly with a warm welcome. I ordered coffee, he had diet coke, and I was delighted to be given a cute mug and my own pot to refill at my leisure. A whole pot of coffee. Just for me. Heaven.

My husband ordered his omelette covered in sausage gravy and a cinnamon roll on the side. I, content with my giant endless coffee cup, ordered the Western Omelette. We both agree that this was truly one of the best omelets ever to hit our taste buds. The five cheese blend cheese has some sort of magic to it that pulls everything together. One of cheese is good.  Five of cheese equals awesome! The cinnamon roll was soft, sweet, and gooey, all the things a cinnamon roll should be.  Delicious as it was, after a sausage gravy covered omelet, half of the cinnamon roll was boxed for the trip home.


The atmosphere at the Wooden Spoon has a rustic charm, almost like somewhere you would expect to find in a small northern Michigan town.  We heard a few couples sharing stories that started with “Remember when we were here…”, and the waitress said “The usual?” at least three times. There is a down home comfort appeal, and the service was great.


Dahlem Nature Center

Bellies full of Wooden Spoon delights, we then drove about 15 minutes away to the Nature For All Trail, known as Jackson’s Nature Place. We decided to walk off two or three of the five cheeses and capture some foggy morning photographs.


The trail is nice, well-maintained and very quiet. We only ran in to one other person the whole time we were there.  Famous figures’ quotes about nature were mounted onto rocks or tree stumps and marked the trail and were nice places to stop and consider the words of wisdom.

At the end of the walk we found flocks of  birds flying about from feeder to feeder. I haven’t been much of a bird watcher previously, but it was quite entertaining trying to photograph these quick little guys. There were squirrels and goldfinches and sparrows, and an illusive woodpecker that we could hear tap-tapping away. He would disappear around to another tree any time we caught a glimpse of his red head for more than a second or two.



The Nature Trail is a good place to spend some time outside away from the city. The trail is the perfect length to stretch your legs on an after breakfast walk. For being such a dreary morning, I was impressed by how much beauty the place held.