Have you ever been in one of those places where you just thought, “Man, I could stay here for hours.”? The Laundry is one of those places.  Located in Fenton, MI (click on the link to find a map), this delicious spot was our favorite of all our February destinations.

Trying to find a parking spot was a bit of a challenge, but we were able to find one behind the restaurant on the side street. There is a garden on that side of the building,  and there are signs describing how the restaurant will use leftover coffee grounds and vegetables to build the soil during the winter and then grow produce to serve during the summer. I found out later that they also have a bee hive on site and use the honey in their dishes and drinks.

During breakfast hours you seat yourself and we found a great spot next to the windows in the bar. The whole room is very open, and would be great to have cocktails in the summer when the doors are open and the breeze flows through. It appears to turn in to a patio.  Oh summer, we can’t wait for you to get here.  The ceiling lets more light in through hand-painted colored windows. The tables and are all vintage and mismatched like you would find at local flea markets or old diners. Over the bar there were posters hanging that described the various alcoholic beverages in detail and made us both tempted, even at 9 am. The place is adorable.

Breakfast at The Laundry

If the atmosphere does not bring a smile to your face, the menu will. Menu items include names like  “Norma and Floyds”, a corned beef skillet, “Bub’s Meat and Potato’s Reborn,” a potato pancake with beef tenderloin, or “Fat Elvis,” pancakes layered with peanut butter and bananas.
They bring water in a glass bottle to the table, and my French Press coffee was served with a Chicago mug. Unfortunately we were too late for the fresh squeezed-in-house orange juice. For food, I ordered “All Ham’s on Deck” and Lee decided on the breakfast pizza and a cinnamon roll.

My gluten-sensitive stomach is always a bit jealous when those arrive on the table. Lee says The Wooden Spoon still has the cinnamon rolls to beat, but this one was a delicious second. Our main meals came quickly, and they tasted as good as they looked.  The customer service was fantastic, and the bill came in a sweet envelope that was surprisingly easy on the wallet.

There is a reason The Laundry has been around for over a decade. The chef creates an exciting menu, they use high quality meat and produce, and practice sustainability wherever possible.  All the little details, like the lighting and the seating arrangement
s, really make the experience.  I’d highly suggest heading to Fenton and checking it out. Eat a cinnamon roll for me. If you want to check out their menu before going, click here and let your stomach be your guide.

Seven Lakes State Park

When breakfast was over we took a quick ten minute drive to Seven Lakes to let the dog run around a bit. The park is enormous with, wait for it… Seven Lakes! We checked out two of the lakes and went for a short walk on a trail. Halfway through the trail became slippery mud, and we did not arrive prepared for that, so we had to head back but it seems like a great spot to explore and relax.

I was reading an article in Better Homes and Gardens where Stephen Colareill, Ph.D, professor of psychology at Central Michigan University said

“Exposure to nature involves fascination, which restores the mind and counters fatigue.”

Being consistently tired from my body fighting itself, I take any tips for fighting fatigue and try them out. We’ve been getting out in nature a lot more lately since starting the blog, and I really think it helps me get a bit of a boost when I am feeling a bit run down. I love finding new spots to take pictures and we both love to be outside. Whether it’s the nature that counters the fatigue or simply doing something that I love with people I enjoy being around that lifts my spirits, I’m going to continue doing it.

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