Try as it might, brisk wind and drizzle would not keep us from finding the Dandelion Cafe in Hickory Corners this weekend.  Our path to adventure lead us to Gull Lake. We had plans to check out the Bird Sanctuary across the street, but the weather decided otherwise. The Gilmore Car Museum is near the restaurant so we went there instead to do some indoor exploring after breakfast.

The Dandelion Cafe

Located just before the shores of Gull Lake, the Dandelion Cafe and Bakery  in Hickory Corners recently re-opened its doors after being closed for a few years. I learned about the history from the dishwasher/barista, a high school sophomore who made me the most amazing chai latte as we chatted about the restaurant. He said the staff is like a family and he finds it to be a great place to work.

The pride the owner and workers is displayed in the service and the food they provide with a smile. The sweet little brunch spot is a farm to table style restaurant with home-made baked goods, locally sourced meats, and a little something for everyone.

The coffee they serve is the best we’ve been able to sample on our adventures so far. They use Biggby coffee, a Michigan established and headquartered coffee chain, and the taste is so much better than your average cup. The interior of the restaurant was recently remodeled to a dandelion yellow with black and white tables. Real farm food photos and chalkboards listing daily specials line the walls. It feels clean, quaint and like a place where I could spend the day drinking the best coffee and reading a good book while my husband goes ice fishing on Gull Lake. Unfortunately, it has not been cold enough to freeze the lake over this winter. Maybe next year.

On to our breakfast.  The Dandelion Cafe is not a chain restaurant where food is ordered in bulk and mass produced. It is farm to table and local, so the price is little higher. For me, it is worth the expense it to eat better, locally sourced ingredients. My health appreciates the investment.

For our meals, I ordered the Dandelion Omelette and he the Hippy Hash. It took some time for the food to arrive at the table, but upon arrival we found it to be fresh, delicious and full of flavor. We were not in any hurry to get back out in the cold and enjoyed a perfect leisurely breakfast. Our meals were very satisfying. The ham has a perfect balance of sweet and smokiness that goes really well with eggs.

I was quite full by the end of the meal, but the sound of the espresso machine won me over. I decided to get a hot drink to keep warm on the way to our next spot. They had milk alternative options and many more drink choices to try. I went with the chai latte with almond milk. The counter held a plethora of baked goods as well but we were pretty full and had to pass this time. Hot latte in hand, we set off to the next stop of our breakfast adventure.

The Gilmore Car Museum

Cars, old or new, do not really move the needle for me. My experience and knowledge of car history starts and ends with a report I wrote on Henry Ford when I was in grade school. All I really remember from the report is the car that I put on the cover, and my grandma helping me decorate it with gold letter stickers.  I do, however, enjoy history quite a bit. For an indoor Michigan adventure, the Gilmore Car Museum was surprisingly entertaining and worth a visit.

After driving almost ten miles from the Dandelion Cafe we arrived at North America’s Largest Auto Museum, Gilmore Car Museum. There are around 20 exhibits to view at this museum from art galleries to a diner, a gas station and a train depot and SO MANY CARS. A few of our favorites are photographed below.

Some of the exhibits were closed for the season but there was still plenty to see. There are a lot of “please do not touch signs,” so the museum may not be great for the car obsessed toddler who wants to get behind the wheel. For us, and anyone else who doesn’t have a curious child, there is a lot to explore and learn from. We had a good time and appreciated the opportunity to wander around while staying out of the freezing wind gusts.







Next week we are off to Hard Times Family Restaurant in Decatur. Did you miss last week? You can check out our adventure to The Wooden Spoon here.

Do you have recommendations on where we should go? Make sure to comment or send us a message. We love hearing from you!