And we are back! The thermometer is currently reading around 90 degrees as I write this, but summer has left the calendar and we are on our way into fall. Much of our summer was spent celebrating new babies, marriages, graduations and birthdays with family and friends. Many of our weekends were full, but we did have time for a few epic adventures.

One of my most favorite memories of our travels was our trip to the Shawnee National Forest to be in the path of totality for the Solar Eclipse. It was excruciatingly hot and I ended up coming down with a stomach bug the day of the actual eclipse that was rather unpleasant, but we truly had the greatest time.

This is my favorite memory of the eclipse. When totality occurred, there was a sunset all around us. Pictures were snapped quickly because we just wanted to take in the moment, but I’m glad I grabbed this one.

Our first cave. The dog was thrilled. Cave-In-Rock on the banks of the Ohio River in Illinois.

The dog came along with us and hitched a ride on the hiking trails in our K9SportsSack. The forest is beautiful and has so much to offer nature seekers.  I would highly recommend making your way to the path of totality for the next eclipse. It took our breath away and was so worth puking out the car window on the expressway.

It was a gorgeous Michigan summer.  I’m a bit sad to have the longer days leaving us, I absolutely love everything about fall and am eagerly awaiting a drop in temperatures. Something about holding a hot cup of cider, surrounded by red, orange and gold with the smell of cinnamon in the house makes me absolutely giddy.

The Feed Bag Cafe

The Feed Bag Cafe does not disappoint the breakfast lover. Nestled in the little town of Fowlerville, the corner restaurant offers delicious breakfast, large portions, and super friendly service. The menu has clever names for dishes and I enjoyed just reading through the menu.

Drinks are served in cute little mason jars.

Hash Bags are where the delicious foods hide!

We both settled on Hash Bags- his with gravy, hers was Michelle’s with pretty much all the fixings, and they certainly do not leave you wishing there was more. The portion is plentiful, I got a doggy bag and it was a second breakfast later on. The Feed Bag Cafe serves soda (or pop, as most Michiganders prefer) in a mason jar. The dining area is clean with cute kitchen and french decor, and the tables turn quickly. We found this gem while driving around in search of somewhere close to home that we could get a quick breakfast. The Feed Bag Cafe is not really close to home, but it was open and we were able to get in and out with full bellies.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer as much as we did. Thank you for reading about our travels and for being patient during our absence. Until the next adventure, enjoy!