We had all the intentions of trying Blondie’s in Haslett this weekend, but our slow Sunday morning ran a bit long. When we arrived just before noon, the wait was out the door. While it was relieving to find out we weren’t the laziest people in Michigan that day, we lacked the patience for a long wait. We headed across the street to a small strip mall with another option: Fernando’s.

Healthy Regrets

The menu was full of your standard breakfast food. The service was slow but friendly (they were very busy to be fair), and Lee really enjoyed the pancakes. I ordered the vegetarian omelette with sausage because I do what I want! The sausage was good, the veggies were okay, and the potatoes left me wishing I  ordered hash browns. My breakfast order was full of regrets, while Lee’s was optimal. His skillet arrived covered in sausage gravy and a beautiful egg yolk. You have the choice of pancakes or toast as a side, and he went with the pancakes. They were glorious and fluffy with a buttery aroma that makes your mouth water.

If you go to Fernando’s, learn from my mistakes. Skip the veggies and redskin potatoes and get the pancakes.

Best Birthday Boy

As promised, here are the adorable pictures of Baby Sam eating his birthday cake. He loved it, clearly.







Coming Up….

This weekend will consist of trying our best to trick strangers into paying us for junk we were just going to throw away anyways (AKA garage sale), and hosting Mother’s Day brunch at our house for Lee’s mom and grandmother.  If you’re lucky we’ll post some pictures of some breakfast made by yours truly!

Next weekend we’ll be heading to Boyne City in a couple of weeks for my birthday and to check out the Morel Mushroom Festival. We’re always open to suggestions so give us a shout if you know a must try restaurant in the area! Have a great weekend.