Our loyal adventure companion ready to go.

My husband and I have officially reached the time of our lives when everyone and their brother have decided to have children. We have someone with a baby due every month in our family and friends circle from now until September. It’s crazy and exciting, and I’m so happy for them. I love little kids. When the parents of a two-year old and a ten month old were seated at the booth behind us on our latest adventure to Hard Times Family Diner, I couldn’t help but smile. It was the birthday of the two-year old, and he kept sneaking glances and smiles over the booth backing. They were an adorable family.

“Do you have kids?” the mother of the two asked. I told her no, that we had just gotten married in June of last year, but everyone around us was drinking the baby making water. She nodded and then surprised me by saying “Wait. Take your time. It’s worth it. They are great, and I love them, but don’t rush.” She went on to say how many of their friends had kids before they did, they waited about 10 years and got to watch them all grow up while enjoying marriage, and now they have their own two darling boys to raise.

It was so refreshing to not be asked “Why?” or “When will you?” I’m a firm believer in one-size-does-NOT-fit-all. I love my friends and family members, and I love that they are having babies that I get to spoil them to death with love and presents and all the snuggles. But maybe, just maybe, we don’t have to decide we want to grow our family right now.  Two four-legged fur-babies are enough to keep us occupied.

Not to jump off into the deep end here, but we’ve been through some experiences that show how fragile and not guaranteed our lives are, and I had a bit of time taken away from me that I’m never going to get back. We’re finally in a stable position, both health and otherwise, to enjoy some time together and go on adventures. Right now the goal is to enjoy, and we’re doing just that.

Speaking of, we explored Decatur this weekend and enjoyed a three course breakfast of goodies.

Hard Times Family Diner

When we arrived at the diner we were seated right away near the family I just mentioned. We waited for about ten minutes and were not approached by anyone for a drink order or anything. Feeling thirsty and forgotten, Lee waved down the hostess and asked if we could get a waitress or at least some coffee. She apologized and got us one right away, and the family in the booth behind us offered to share their coffee. We declined but chatted with them a bit while we waited. Thank you, adorable family for making our experience in Decatur that much better 🙂

Do you know how difficult it is for me to make decisions? The breakfast menu at Hard Times is seven pages long. So many choices. The best way to sample everything is to go with the breakfast buffet, which includes two plates and one bowl with unlimited trips. Lee chose that route.

First, he piled his plate with what he referred to as a “Carb Plate.” There was one fluffy pancake, a piece of french toast and pastry with some sort of jam filling. Round two included an omelette with tomato, peppers, sausage cheese, hash browns, bacon and sausage gravy. Finally, round three ended with fried chicken and a garden salad.



My order was the hash browns benedict. It did not come with eggs, but I added a side of two over-mediums that I placed on top. I’m not sure what part of the dish was benedict, but it was delicious and I would absolutely order it again. The coffee pot stayed on the table for the second time this month (why have I never experienced this before? It’s genius for coffee guzzlers like me!). This was a good thing because we didn’t get checked on until Lee was on his third round of the buffet. Luckily everything was great and we didn’t need anything we couldn’t get ourselves. This diner is a great spot if you want to enjoy a lot of food for fairly cheap prices. There is so much to look at, it is like an antique market exploded inside, and everyone was very friendly.

Al Sabo Land Preserve

Were you aware there is a Texas in Michigan? I had no idea. After breakfast, we drove to Texas and stopped for a quick walk on the trails at Al Sabo Land Preserve. Unfortunately it was too muddy and rainy to go very far, but it was a nice wooded area with several miles of trails. If the weather would have been a bit better I’m sure we would have liked it a lot more. We wandered for about 20 minutes until the mud and the freezing wind got the best of us.

Tom’s Donuts

Disappointed about the weather ruining our hike, we decided to counter that with a donut stop (find it on the map here.) With the dog in the mud covered back seat, we pulled in to the parking lot of Tom’s for a treat.  I avoid gluten, so I skipped this stop but Lee shared a bite with Sam. I think it’s safe to say these donuts were delicious.

Next week we are off to The Laundry in Fenton for our final February stop. It has been a great month filled with lots of travels and new places, and we’re loving this adventure. Do you have any recommendations on where we should head to in March? We love hearing from you, so please comment below or shoot us an email and we’ll add your destination to our list.  Thanks for tuning in.

See you next week!