April Showers bring..May showers? Or baby showers? In our case, a bit of both. This weekend we headed to the birthplace of Meijer: Greenville, Michigan to celebrate the upcoming arrival of yet another baby girl this year.

For those of you not familiar with the finer points of the mitten state, Meijer is the Midwest’s version of Walmart (yeah yeah, there are Walmarts too but any Michigander worth their salt will tell you Meijer is way better). When I lived in Tennessee, I really missed it. Publix does has some amazing potato salad but anyway, we are not here to talk groceries.
Let’s talk breakfast. Our journey through the downpour took us to the Green Harp, a newer, creative, new american style restaurant with top notch customer service. Unfortunately, we arrived too late to try out some of the star menu items as they were sold out. Good for them, not so good for us, but everything turned out just fine.

The Green Harp

We both ordered omelettes, hash-browns and coffees. The coffee was NEVER EMPTY. Literally every server was right at our table within minutes if the brew level dropped below the handle. We were ready to take on the rain by the time we were leaving. Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble serenaded us through the overhead speakers as the raindrops cascaded down the window outside. The food was good, the service was even better and the atmosphere was quaint and comforting. If you’re heading towards Grand Rapids or further north, make the Green Harp a pit stop and enjoy a bite.
It is finals weekend around here and moving offices weekend for me, so we didn’t get a lot of adventuring done. But stay tuned! We won’t let you down.
Please drop a comment or find us on social media if you have any recommendations on places to go next. We love hearing from you all!