With Lee in school and working full time right now, one of our weekend days is usually full of homework. We have been trying to stay closer to home when choosing breakfast adventures lately. This Saturday we decided to try a local breakfast joint in Mason. I had plans to go to a meetup in Kalamazoo and meet some Michigan photographers afterwards. The meeting time was 12pm, so we had a bit of a tight schedule. The restaurant we wanted to try was in a old train station and sounded like a cool spot. It was the only breakfast joint we could locate in the Holt/Mason area that wasn’t a franchise.

We found a place to park and as we were walking up to the entrance noticed a sign: “CASH ONLY.” Oye. I left my debit card at home and his bank was nowhere near us. Strike one.

Still determined to get a meal, we decided to go a tried and true spot that we haven’t talked about here yet. It was about 20 minutes in the opposite direction but we figured it would be okay. We arrived only to find that the parking lot was a madhouse and there was a line out the door. Strike two.

Dan’s Coney Island

As a last chance, we decided to try a place we had heard about before but hadn’t had an opportunity to visit. And, Hallelujah we had a winner! Or as Lee said, the Rascal Flatts song of breakfast places. God Bless the Broken Road that lead us straight to Dan’s Coney Island. Originally we saw a story on the local news that took place here when someone left a waitress an extremely large tip on Black Friday. We love diner style spots and this family-owned place really hits the mark.

The breakfast menu at Dan’s is full of traditional diner fare, from hash to skillets and pancakes. They also offer their own specialty items. I decided on the Greek Skillet and he had the Mexican Skillet. The food was phenomenal and the service was even better. Our waitress anticipated what we might want before we could even ask for it. She kept the coffee filled and brought a large glass of water when she noted we downed our smaller glasses right away. The food was served quickly and we were in and out with plenty of time to head home so I could get on the road to Kalamazoo while he worked on school stuff.  Check out their menu here and make sure to visit this Lansing gem.

Lillian Anderson Arboretum

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve really fallen in love with photography. I get lost on the trails my husband and I hike on and distracted by all the details around me. I have zero training in this, am completely self taught and doing it just for fun because I enjoy it. Call it a passion project, if you will.

There are a few Michigan Bloggers, explorers and photographers on social media, and when I saw this meet-up happening, I felt drawn to it.  Some of these accounts post the most amazing pictures. I wanted to meet these people and hear what they are all about and maybe find out any tips and tricks they might have for beginners, and hear their adventures. It’s a bit intimidating walking up to a group of people you don’t know in a place you’ve never been before. It turned out to be a great time, and I’m glad I was able to meet some of these gifted folks.

The Arboretum itself is a gem. Located about two miles off 131 on M43, behind a firehouse and a library you will find this nature station. There are over 100 acres of trails, pines and boardwalks. The trails have creative names that match their surroundings; like Magnificent Pines and Not-so-Magnificent Pines.

This meetup was hosted by Pure Mittigan and Other Path. Click on their names to be taken to their websites and check out the Michigan Gear and Adventure Apparel.

All in all, our frustrating morning did not turn out to be so bad. There’s always breakfast to be had somewhere. See you next week!