Hunting for waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula may not seem like a traditional Thanksgiving, but my husband and I thought it was a great way to spend the four day weekend. My Christmas gift from him this year was a new Canon Powershot, and I was excited to begin shooting some winter scenes and start our breakfast adventure.

Our Upper Peninsula Trip- Day 1, Tahquamenon Falls, Crisp Point Lighthouse

The trip from home to the bridge is about 4 hours driving. We left bright and early Thursday morning. Our first stop was  a little cove off 123 somewhere south of Paradise for a quick lunch of turkey sandwiches and then continued on to take some shots of the Tahquamenon Falls. The lower falls were closed due to snow and ice but we were able to get to the Upper Falls, and we almost had the whole park to ourselves.

The Crisp Point Lighthouse was the next destination. A long, narrow two track road leads to the lighthouse. The drive is tough and I wouldn’t recommend attempting it in the winter without a car that has 4 wheel drive. There is no cell service and signs are posted that people have had to be rescued . It’s a bit rough but it is SO worth it.  


This guy was on a post off the shoreline of the Crisp Point Lighthouse.









After the exploring around the lighthouse we headed to Newberry. There we packed in for the night and ate a great Thanksgiving burger at Pickelman’s Pantry.

Day 2-Upper Peninsula Trip- Muinising, Pictured Rocks, Miner’s Falls

In the morning we hit the road again, meandering toward Muinising. We stopped to explore the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Our dog, Sam, came along for his first vacation with us and had the time of his life riding in my lap, running in the sand and seeing the beautiful Lake Superior shores.

The next stop was the trail to Miner’s falls, and then to Muinising Falls to finish the evening before checking into the Holiday Inn Express.

Day 3- Upper Peninsula Trip- Muinising, Fayette, Gould City

We walked on a nature trail in the morning in Muinising hoping to catch the sight of some beavers. We saw beaver dams and a white hare, but no actual beavers. It was still absolutely gorgeous. In Fayette I took hundreds of pictures of old buildings and landscapes for hours, I couldn’t stop snapping shots of the ghost town. It’s so easy to get lost in imagining what took place there and what history it holds.



Next up was a quick drive through Manistique and on to Gould City.  We drove to the end of that road and it ended right on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. To end the evening we chased the sunset to the bridge and took more shoreline pictures before heading home.

It was a quick trip, but we packed it full of adventure and explored as much as we could with our few days. Our favorite breakfast joint was at a little cafe in Curtis, and I can’t wait to go back in the summertime when we can explore the lake area a bit more. We hope to get back to the Upper Peninsula this summer and visit places further west. The Husband has been out there multiple times, but I haven’t seen a lot of it and am really looking forward to exploring.

Breakfast Review: Curtis Cafe

We may have driven by this adorable restaurant if we hadn’t been looking for it. I found a listing on Yelp that you can find here. The building itself doesn’t really scream delicious food is waiting, but inside it is so clean and welcoming. We knew we had found our first breakfast gem.


The wood paneled walls made a cottage atmosphere that was cute and quaint. Cinnamon rolls beckoned in a case near the entry way.  They appeared home-made and so yummy, but we didn’t try them on this visit. Next time!


I ordered the Steak Rib Eye with Cheddar and 2 Eggs and coffee, of course.   I was delighted to find corn-syrup free ketchup on the table and covered my potatoes in it.

Lee ordered biscuits and sausage homemade sausage gravy with a side of eggs with a diet coke. 

We both enjoyed delicious meals and had trouble saying no being part of the clean plate club. We did not want to drive around with full bellies all day, but it was really hard to put the fork down. The customer service was sweet and welcoming, my coffee cup was never cold and his diet coke was always refilled. We can’t wait to go back!