When we left you last, we were finishing snapping some sunrise pictures over Lake Huron in Alpena (click here to read that post).  I was freezing and ready for a nice warm cup of coffee. We packed up and waved goodbye to our undesirable hotel room and hopped back on US 23. Headed south, we set out towards our next breakfast adventure: Connie’s Cafe in Ossineke.

Connie’s Cafe

This little cottage restaurant was recommended by a fishing buddy of Lee’s for the “cinnamon rolls as big as your head.” We couldn’t resist. As soon as the doors opened our senses were tantalized by the sweet aroma of bread baking. It was as though we were walking in to a Pillsbury Dough Boy commercial, but even better. Busy bakers were rolling and pulling the infamous cinnamon rolls out of the oven in the open kitchen.

Our waitress greeted us right away and brought us coffee. We looked around at the brightly lit room that expanded to a screened in porch. The walls were decorated with photographs of birds and specials on chalkboards. A path leads to a garden outside, but it was covered in snow and we decided today was not the day to explore that.  Next time.

Our Breakfast

Lee ordered “Julie’s Triple Decker Club.”  It was delicious, and he declares it the best breakfast sandwich ever. Three slices of bread, thick and crisp bacon, ham, egg, two kinds of cheese and a tangy dressing.

I went with “Connie’s Best, Gary’s Way (or with mushrooms).” Listed as the house specialty, it did not disappoint. The omelette had cheese, tiny diced cubes of ham, onions and green peppers and was served with potatoes. It was enormous and I devoured the entire thing.

As we were getting ready to check out, the waitress reminded us about the cinnamon rolls and put in an order to-go. They literally are the size of my head and covered in frosting. While Lee votes for the best Cinnamon Roll so far is still The Wooden Spoon (Click here to see our adventure there), this one was the largest by far, and smelled the best. I sampled a bit of the icing a few times on the way home to satisfy my sweet tooth.

More Icy Shores

We couldn’t leave the lakeshore without one more pit stop for pictures. We pulled off at a car-pool lot right off the beach and it had me wishing my office was on this route just so I could park here every day. The waves were angry and crashing against the built up ice and snow
that covered the sand. We let the dog loose to run but he was getting sand blasted because of the fierce winds. 

As I was busy shooting the waves crashing into the ice, Lee saw a bald eagle swooping in behind us. I was able to capture a bit of him just before he flew away.  Hopefully he didn’t have his sights set on the dog!


This area of Michigan offers a lot of solitude this time of year.  It’s been a strange winter, it had been quite warm for a couple of weeks until a cold snap just a couple of days before we went, and we seemed to be in between where snowmobiling ends and the cottage and camping crowds start arriving en masse.  If you’re willing to bundle up it presents a rare opportunity to get a beach or a park full of hiking trails all to yourself, and to get your breakfast without a wait 🙂