On Saturday morning we woke up feeling a bit spicy, and decided that Mexican was best for our adventure to breakfast in Jackson.

Chilango’s Broken Egg

When we arrived, we made out way up to the bar and ordered a round of coffee and diet coke. Our server brought it out right away and handed us menus to browse, commenting on the fact that we picked the best seat in the house. Brightly colored walls and decorations surrounded us and the menu matched the vibrant environment. We watched as fresh oranges turned into glasses of juice before our eyes, and as scoops of coffee beans were ground in to cups of delicious caffeine.

As we opened the menu, we were overwhelmed by the variety of unique options. I don’t think it was all necessarily authentic Mexican breakfast, but there were some of familiar names of Mexican breakfast standbys and several very creative Mexican inspired breakfast dishes that I had never seen anywhere else. They have a relatively large menu (we took forever to order) and it was great to see so many gluten free options. The waiter gave us a couple of recommendations to choose between and left us alone to browse for a while longer before we ultimately ordered exactly what he had recommended. We were also pleasantly surprised to find out that most of the food ingredients are purchased from sources in the Jackson area.

Shrimp and Crab Omelette

There are four varieties of Chilango’s restaurants in the Jackson area. The dining options include a Burrito Bar, a Chop House, the Broken Egg, and a Mexican Grill. The growing restaurant family is all about fresh and local food and partnering with the community. The coffee is from Jackson Coffee Co. and other ingredients are purchased through local farms and health stores. Choosing to eat breakfast here is a decision that is good for your soul and your stomach.

Fresh and Fabulous

Enchilada’s with chorizo

Starving, we finally made a decision. Enchilada’s for him, with chorizo instead of ham per the waiter’s recommendation.  I ordered a crab and shrimp omelette covered in hollandaise. When breakfast was served less than ten minutes later, we sipped on a sample of the fresh orange juice that we had watched being squeezed. It was SO GOOD! I would go back just to have another glass of that in my life. The food is incredible and the service is speedy and friendly. We have no complaints about this place. Get your appetite together and head over there early. There was not an open table available at the time we were leaving.

Spring has Sprung

Most of our weekend was spent with family. First, we celebrated Lee’s Gram’s 90th birthday on Saturday. Then, on Easter Sunday we wandered in the woods on my grandparents property. The early flowers are poking their heads out, the birds are back singing their songs, and spring is very much in the air. It’s great to see the deep greens return to the yards and fields, and the buds return to the trees.  There is nothing like spring and summer in Michigan and we can’t wait to hit the road in search of new breakfast joints and new places to explore.