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Semi adulting newlywed obsessed with her dog, cat, husband and going on adventures.


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April Showers bring..May showers? Or baby showers? In our case, a bit of both. This weekend we headed to the birthplace of Meijer: Greenville, Michigan to celebrate the upcoming arrival...
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Did you know that coffee beans are actually the seeds from a coffee cherry, and the cherry is grown on a tree that can become over 9 feet tall? I...
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On Saturday morning we woke up feeling a bit spicy, and decided that Mexican was best for our adventure to breakfast inย Jackson. Chilango’s Broken Egg When we arrived, we made...
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We learned this week not to judge a shabby breakfast joint by the standard menu. The specials board can take a mediocreย experience to a surprisingly delightful adventure for our taste-buds....
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