On the second day of Birthday weekend we went to Wilderness State Park. Located at the tip top of the mitten, beautiful trees, rocks and beaches fill the giant park. The scenery is beautiful, however we could not enjoy it as much as we wanted. The day we visited happened to be the same day of a large midge hatching. As soon as we stepped out of the car we became covered in tiny black dots. They did not bite, thank goodness, but they did fly in your eye and annoy you.

Regardless, we continued on and drove as much as we could through the park. We searched along the shoreline for petoskey stones and caught a glimpse of the Mackinac Bridge. With outrageous wind blowing us back to the car, we finally called in quits on Wilderness and headed back to the hotel.

A Touch of Class

Wandering home, we stuck to the back roads as we made our way towards a breakfast joint in Central Lake. We passed gorgeous rolling hills and farms with baby animals playing in the fields. We watched a fox chasing a squirrel and then proceed to sit on the porch steps of a home. The drive was peaceful and relaxing as we made our way to our destination.

Located on Main Street in Central Lake, A Touch of Class  is a home style bakery and cafe that serves breakfast and baked goods. We enjoyed listening to the local Central Lake residents and out-of-towners chat among themselves. The tables in the restaurant were full by the time we were leaving. Many came for the breakfast buffet, but we decided to sample the menu. I ordered classic over medium eggs and bacon with coffee and hash browns. A breakfast sandwich with bacon, ham, over medium eggs, american cheese and garlic mayo was the eggscellent choice for Lee. We were served with a smile and have no complaints about this small town spot. My family members just purchased a cottage on Intermediate Lake, so we will definitely be back for a visit again.

Taking a Detour

As I write this, we are on the cusp of a summer holiday full of baby showers, weddings, concerts and much more. Our weekends are full of excitement and our weeks our full of our day jobs and classes. While we aren’t stopping our adventures, we will be postponing blog posts for the near future while we enjoy time celebrating these events with our loved ones. Feel free to read some of our past favorite (Here, Here and here) until then. We’ll be back later on with tales and delicious recommendations, but until then we wish you the best bites of bacon, gravy and the freshest fruits and iced coffees that summer has to offer. Enjoy!